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 “I had an abnormal bone growth in my upper right gum that needed immediate surgery. I’m glad the biopsy came back negative. However, the pain was never gone.

I was prescribed a painkiller at 300 mg three times a day and as needed and sometimes I had to add another analgesic to relieve the pain and discomfort.

I took the precription for almost a year until the X39 was introduced.

I’ve been using all the LifeWave patches since 2008 that kept me living well and healthy except for this nerve pain. But after a month of using the X 39 the pain was gone 100%! 

Alleluia Aida Dio

“I’ve been using the X 39 for the past 30 days and it has given me more vitality, strength and stamina. 

After using the ice wave patch system twice my back pain is gone. 

I’ve had a rash on my arms the last three months my doctor didn’t even know what it was. 

I made an appointment with the dermatologist in the first week in September. While waiting, I decided to try glutathione and Carnosine.

In one week, 80% of my rashes were gone! I love Lifewave products!”

Michelle Meishay

“I’ve been using the LifeWave products since 2012. I need surgery for my hip from an old accident, but by using Ice wave patches for pain in conjunction with Glutothione, Aeon and Carnosine I manage the pain I was able to go on. Lately, I use X39 and really felt better!

I can even see better! 

After all these years, when my health makes me feel weakness, I know that with Lifewave patches, I’ll feel good again. This is a great comfort to me. 

Thank you Lifewave, I feel grateful to you!”

Anna Gourzi

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